Wednesday, September 22, 2010

42. Generosity in Gingerbread

The first Christmas in our new business location, I made a large gingerbread house model of our lovely Victorian house. I cut out the windows and poured caramel into the gaps to make panes. Inside the house, I installed Christmas Tree lights in each window so that each window glowed. The house was quite attractive and gave our business a very sophisticated feel.

After Christmas was over, Patricia suggested we deliver the house to the children’s ward of the hospital, located only a couple blocks away. This donation appeared on the evening news, easily producing $20,000 worth of publicity and rocketing us to fame (though not fortune.)

I consider this to be one of my life’s greatest lessons: generosity is its own reward. When you give, you will also receive. I have never forgotten this, and in this aspect of my life, Patricia was my greatest teacher.

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