Monday, September 20, 2010


Food probably represents more than 30% of my total accumulated long term memory.

Grades 1-5 are of course a blur. My first swear word. A sound thrashing by my father in response. Digging canals to channel water under the oak tree outside Grade 1 classroom. Building a fort of wood and plastic in the backyard, then lighting a fire inside. Lighting fires in the brush outside the sewage treatment plant. Filling the sandbox with water, creating islands for the hamsters, forgetting the hamsters and then finding that Pussy Willow, our cat, had very thoughtfully removed them from their island solitudes. More food.

In second grade, Mrs. Duel showing us how to make butter from cream. My mother showing me how to turn a chicken bone into rubber by soaking it in vinegar. On more than one occasion, I brought food to class. I made Danish more than once. And I made English Toffee to pass out on Valentine’s Day.

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